Reading Tonks

A few days ago, I finally finished a long fanfic, ‘Nymphadora Tonks and the Liquor of Jacmel’. I’d found it on the list of Harry Potter detective fics, and decided, hell, why not. I’ve never read much Tonks fanfiction, mostly because the character didn’t particularly interest me in canon, but also because the Remus/Sirius shipper in me does not like Remus/Tonks fic, which appears to comprise the majority of what’s out there for her.

But as I’ve mentioned before, I do think the character has a lot of potential. I was one of those who knew this, at some level, but couldn’t be bothered to excavate it for myself, either through reading about her or writing her. It was, therefore, rather out of character (OOC) of me to read this fic. But it was a brilliantly OOC decision, that’s propelled me to read more Tonks, even some (gasp) Remus/Tonks.

Note that this does not diminish my shipper’s enthusiasm for Remus/Sirius at all. It merely iterates that I am so comfortable with my ship that I can move on and consume others. 😀 So speaketh the defensive one!

‘NT and the Liquor of Jacmel’ is a BRILLIANT fic. It’s got a host of well drawn, believable original characters (no small achievement), a wonderful depiction of the Aurors’ world (with a bunch of really, really cool Auror aid gadgets!) and great character development. We have Tonks, just starting out in the office, a dark cloud hanging over her in the form of her escaped cousin, her Black-listed family and a lot to prove to sceptical supervisors who are more than inclined to believe she will go Lestrange. Tonks has got to deal with all this and solve a challenging case on  the side, much more than the average first-timer has on her plate.

I loved this fic. There is so much going for it on every level, the plot, the characters, the little back-story about the hunt for Sirius, the romance (haha, there is some and it is not of the Remus/Tonks variety), Metamorphing opportunities, but Tonks herself steals the show. she was so easy to relate to (I’m in a first job myself), so cool and klutzy and downright awesome that I couldn’t help booting her up my list of characters to read in fanfic. I’m going to be reading a lot more of her now.

I also loved Cassius Scrimgeour, Tonks’s partner. And Andromeda and Ted are wonderfully characterized. SnorkackCather is amazingly prescient- this was written before HBP or DH came out, but the brief cameo that Andromeda and Ted had in DH seems fairly close to what she has conjured for them here.

And there is a little bit of Sirius, always, always a plus in my book. He does have a way of dogging my reading.

Bad pun, I know.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and read the hell out of this fic! You will not regret it.

Just follow the link here: Accio fic!